Kinase Interactome

How does the Hsp90 kinase interactome govern fungal virulence?

Kinase InteractomeAbout 15% of the Hsp90 interactors in C. albicans are kinases (Diezmann et al., 2012). These kinase interactors either regulate Hsp90 function or depend on Hsp90 for stability and activation. Notably, some Hsp90 kinase interactors have been shown to regulate C. albicans drug resistance (Bruno & Mitchell, 2005) and virulence (Alonso-Monge et al., 1999).

We aim to dissect the Hsp90-kinase circuitry and to elucidate its role in C. albicans  development, stress response, and virulence. We study Hsp90’s effect on kinase activation, how certain kinases regulate Hsp90, and how differential regulation of Hsp90 affects downstream phenotypes.